As of December 31, 2022

The following subsidiaries of Meritage Homes Corporation (the "Company") were, as of December 31, 2022, guarantors of the Company’s 6.00% unsecured senior notes due 2025, 5.125% unsecured senior notes due 2027, and 3.875% unsecured senior notes due 2029.
State of Organization
Legal Entity
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Arizona, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Paseo Crossing, LLC
ArizonaMeritage Homes Construction, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Paseo Construction, LLC
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Colorado, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Nevada, Inc.
ArizonaMTH-Cavalier, LLC
ArizonaMTH Golf, LLC
ArizonaMeritage Homes Operating Company, LLC
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Texas, LLC
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Texas Holding, Inc.
ArizonaWW Project Seller, LLC
ArizonaMeritage Homes of the Carolinas, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Tennessee, Inc.
ArizonaMLC Holdings, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Georgia, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Georgia Realty, LLC
ArizonaMTH GA Realty, LLC
ArizonaMeritage Homes of South Carolina, Inc.
ArizonaMTH SC Realty LLC
ArizonaMTH Realty LLC
ArizonaMTH Financial Holdings, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Homes Insurance Agency, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Services Company, Inc.
ArizonaMeritage Homes of Utah, Inc.
CaliforniaMeritage Homes of California, Inc.
CaliforniaCalifornia Urban Homes, LLC
FloridaMeritage Homes of Florida, Inc.
FloridaMeritage Homes of Florida Realty LLC
TexasMeritage Holdings, L.L.C.
TexasMeritage Homes of Texas Joint Venture Holding Company, LLC
TexasCarefree Title Agency, Inc.
DelawareM&M Fort Myers Holdings, LLC